More than 6 thousand people gathered in Houston for George Floyd Death’s last visit. His coffin was kept in the Houston Fountain of Prize Church for six hours and his body was taken from the church to the cemetery in the cart. He is buried near his mother’s grave.


African-American George Floyd Death was buried on Tuesday evening after a tribute meeting at a church in Houston. More than 6 thousand people gathered in Houston for George’s last visit. His coffin was kept for six hours at the Houston Fountain of Prize Church and his body was taken from the church to the cemetery. He is buried near his mother’s grave.

Before the funeral, US presidential election candidate and Democratic Party leader Joe Biden released the video message. He expressed condolences to Floyd’s family. Biden said to George’s 6-year-old daughter Gianna, “You guys are really brave. No child should ask the questions that black children have been asking for generations. That question is, where did our father go? ‘

Significantly, after Floyd’s death in police custody in Minneapolis on May 25, large-scale protests began in several countries, including the US, to protest against racial discrimination. A video of a black policeman strapping the neck of a black man with handcuffs on his knee was viral. The video shows the officer holding the neck of 46-year-old Floyd by his knee for at least 9 minutes. During this time Floyd was seen saying to stop breathing but the policemen did not listen to him.

“We can’t turn away. We must not turn away. We cannot leave this moment thinking we can once again turn away from racism that stings at our very soul,” former Vice President Joe Biden said while speaking via video at George Floyd’s funeral. 

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George’s death created anti-racism movement
After Floyd’s death, there are frequent peaceful and violent protests in many places. Floyd’s body was brought here for the funeral on Saturday. For the past two weeks, Floyd has become a household name and has become the hallmark of a campaign to end racism worldwide. Hundreds of people stood in the way and outside the crematorium despite the scorching heat when Floyd was being carried to the funeral in a golden coffin at White Horse Horse. Floyd’s six-year-old daughter, Jiana, also attended the tribute meeting with her mother, although she does not know how her father died.

MPs also paid tribute on their knees:
More than 25 American lawmakers paid tribute to Floyd by sitting on their knees in the halls of Parliament. These included Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer. During Floyd’s last visit, people shouted slogans of ‘I can’t breathe’ and ‘Keep your knee of my neck’. Please tell that these were his last words. All these American MPs had wrapped a cloth made of traditional Kante cloth of Ghana around their neck. All sat on their knees for 8 minutes and 46 seconds. Floyd died of suffocation due to being caught by the police officer’s knee for so long.

Family and friends gather in Houston for the funeral of George Floyd, whose death in police custody sparked widespread protests. Follow live. 

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New York police officers’ records will no longer be confidential
, while New York State lawmakers in the US on Tuesday rescinded a decades-old law under which disciplinary records of law enforcement officers are kept confidential. This step of making the records of officials and complaints of misconduct public is one of the many bills that determine the accountability of the police, which are under consideration in the state legislature. Such laws are being sought to be repealed following the death of black man George Floyd in police custody in Minneapolis. Many of these Bills were proposed years ago, but their demand has increased after nationwide demonstrations condemning police brutality.

With the repeal of this law, known as Section 50-A, the documents of disciplinary action along with complaints against the officers will also be made public. Governor Andrew Kumo, who recently supported the reform of the law, said in view of the protests that he would sign an order to repeal the law. Currently, only the state of Delaware has such a law.